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At Cello, we find better ways to do things. We understand that we are a summation of our 5,078 and growing workforce and respect the fact that while some people move up in the world, others take the world further.

In all that we do, we continuously strive to be Ambitious, Collaborative, and Transformative. This focus is further accentuated by five basic principles encapsulated in a one-word philosophy – DRIVE.


Daring is to challenge the status quo, take calculated risks and create new paradigms. We dare to be innovative and think differently together while at the same time looking out for each other. We are committed to a culture of learning, creativity, continuous improvement, and innovation.


Responsive is all. To make the right decisions at the right times we look at and for the bigger picture. We are quick, agile and responsive, and available to our teams and the wider organisation.


Inclusivity lies as the bedrock of our culture. We fundamentally believe that our success as a company depends on mutual respect and support. We are strongest together, this comes from a shared vision, common purpose, and supportive and collaborative working.


Venturing comes from a deep sense of curiosity and passion for learning. Moving out of your comfort zone and creating new opportunities for not only you but also your team. We believe in freedom and give everyone a voice and power to perform.


Ethics stands as the foundation of the company. We believe in Leadership with Trust where It’s about acting with integrity and honesty in the workplace and outside.

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