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Product Quality

Our four decades of experience in the consumer products industry has enabled us to better understand the preferences and needs of consumers in India. This has enabled us to curate an extensive product portfolio that caters to a diverse range of consumer requirements, and offers a broad range of contemporary products across different ranges, types of material and price points. As of March 31, 2023, we offered 15,841 stock-keeping units (“SKUs”) across our product categories.

Consumer Demand and Products Innovations

In order to cater to evolving consumer demands, we seek to constantly develop and launch new range of products by leveraging our vast experience, market knowledge and innovation capabilities. We have been innovating and introducing new range of products, such as our recently launched writing instruments, cleaning aids, opalware, glassware and cookware range of products and appliances, in order to increase our market share of consumer products market in India as well as grow our revenues and profit.

Safe and Sustainable

Cello has the widest product portfolio across materials from steel, copper, cast iron, aluminium, opal glass, melamine and plastic.


We own and operated 13 manufacturing facilities across 5 locations in India, with sophisticated moulding machines installed. These, include injection moulding, blow moulding, extruder machines, barcode and labelling machines, centrifugal machines, vacuum centrifugal machines, manual and automatic pad printing machines, among many others.

Most of our manufacturing facilities and units therein are ISO 9001: 2015 or ISO 140001:2015 certified.

The scale at which we manufacture our products, combined with our robust end-to-end supply chain management enables us to derive the benefits of economies of scale across various aspects of our business model.

Expansive Network

We have a strong pan-India distribution network. The table below sets forth details relating to our nationwide sales and distribution network across our three product categories:

Product Categories Distribution Network* (as of March 31, 2023)
Consumer Houseware 678 distributors and approximately 51,900 retailers located across India
Writing Instruments and Stationery 29 super-stockists, approximately 1,450 distributors and approximately 59,100 retailers located across India
Moulded Furniture and Allied Products 1,067 distributors and approximately 6,500 retailers located across India

*The data in this table provided are not unique to the individual product categories, and may overlap with the other product categories.

Our nationwide sales and distribution network is supported by our 683 member sales team, as of March 31, 2023. We equip all our field staff across our distribution network with an automated order tracking mobile application, which provides us with data relating to market demand for our products that in turn assists us with forecasting production levels. We have developed and maintain longstanding relationships with our distributors, super-stockists and retailers over the years. Further, our products also reach consumers through modern trade and export channels, e-commerce marketplaces and our own websites. In addition, we also sell our products in bulk quantities to corporate clients and government departments.

Our Brands